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Many find themselves frustrated with life and upset because they don’t know or can’t find their purpose. These people become wanderers just casually going about the days of their lives hoping that someone or something can give it to them.The big problem with this situation is that purpose is not something you find! I spent many years of my life asking the age old question, “What is my purpose?” No answer came to me and I kept getting the same results. I got a different answer when I stopped asking and started investigating with action.

Your purpose is something you create by deciding in your own way how to bring more purpose to your life and to this world. It’s a responsibility that every human being has. Some accept it and some don’t. When you do accept this responsibility and take it on with the courage to make the changes in your life to live out that purpose, not everyone will get it!

Some of your family or closest friends will find you to be a bit weird. They will not understand this desire you have and some may find it quite intimidating and frightful. So they will tempt to discourage you through the veil of their fears. Remember that creating your purpose and living it, is your responsibility not theirs. To live the live you truly desire to live, will require you to stand up for yourself and not waiver to negative or destructive opinions. Champion Up!