I have always been truly fascinated by the relationship between the seed of the planter and the soil that receives it. The result that occurs is that silent lesson through nature of what it truly means to root yourself in something challenging and proceed with persistence to grow through and above it. There is an emblem of overcoming adversity that is not seen directly because everything takes place beneath the surface.

Howard Thurman made a very profound statement in his written piece and reflection entitled, “Meaning is Inherent in Life”. He believed that within all life forms there is a commitment that springs forth from within giving vitality to that living thing despite any outside force of resistance. To go deeper into this matter of life situation he concluded that based upon the life flowing within a growing seed beneath the surface “many forces may operate upon it from without- cramping its roots but always whatever life there is, the built in purpose is never given up.”

So we can liken our lives to a plot of soil. Everyone is given their own individual plots. Now if we decided to just stand on top of our plots and not root ourselves into anything challenging, then our aims, goals and purposes will not grow as they should or at all. It would simply be as if the seed was just laying above the surface. Remember that the seeds do not grow in their comfortable packets or containers. They grow when they are placed into an area of challenge and resistance.

When you find yourself in an challenging moment, do not allow your ego to be that weed choking the life force from you, preventing the pushing of yourself through that moment. Challenges are what can cause us to dig deeper into ourselves to tap into our latent abilities and these are the seeds that burst forth through the moment of uncertainty. When you go through that challenging space, this is when growth occurs. There is a built in purpose for you not just to survive but to also thrive. The challenge can give you a new set of experiences about yourself that can enhance your ability to rise above and become stronger than before. Don’t give up on your plot of soil called life. Grow Forward! Claim it and cultivate it in the midst of the challenge. It’s time to Champion Up!

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You have stepped onto a new path, a new journey. Your Champion will need you to step over the obstacles by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It's your time and you have some winning to do. It's time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change in your life.

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