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Adrian is an international inspirational speaker and has presented across North America.

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In my capacity as the Producer of Get Inspired Talks, I worked closely with Adrian Starks during the 5 months preceding the October 19, 2019 event at which he spoke magnificently. Adrian truly engaged the audience with his powerful story telling, depthness of knowledge and ability to effectively inspire change. During that time of working closely with him, I observed that Adrian was highly knowledgeable in the field of change-making, was readily coachable, did things effectively and efficiently, was a skilled communicator and inspired others with his ‘can do’ attitude. Adrian was always a delight to work with. His reasoned thinking, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made him a great team-mate. He was much respected by all. Adrian made a huge contribution to the success of Get Inspired Talks. I would highly recommend him to any event looking for a spectacular speaker that can inspire change and spark action. Roger Killen

Founder and Producer, Get Inspired Talks