Why is it difficult or even awkward to give or receive a compliment? Quite often people miss out on the greatest opportunities to be happier because they are too busy protecting themselves out of fear of judgement.

Accepting and giving a compliment is a sign of courage, the courage to receive love, and the courage to give it without expecting anything in return. This is often quite challenging for us to accept a compliment and then turn around and allow ourselves to feel good about it.  Why is that such a challenge? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to feel happy, supported and noticed?  There has been an increase in a lack of understanding around the world towards our human biological need to be loved and to be seen and not just heard. When we can feel love and truly be seen, this elevates our self-esteem and gives us the courage to grow forward and overcome challenges down the road. We feel fully capable of coping with the unexpected changes of our world. A compliment certainly does go a long way whether you give it or receive it. Hopefully you are on both sides of the spectrum.

This is not to say that you should expect every person that you come across to tell you that you’re attractive, intelligent, have a wonderful personality and the list goes on. Sometimes that person may be the one who truly needs it and is anxiously waiting for you to say it to them.  Being an initiator is what starts the receiving process. This is a valuable element of success. Give and then you will receive. If you give to someone,  that exact person may not give back but you will eventually receive it from someone else. This is called Courage. Why should you do this? Well if you don’t want to give a compliment then that is your decision. Many people don’t and then they wonder why they are feeling not appreciated. Our environment can and will often at times become a merciless mirror reflecting right back to us what we put out.  What are you putting into your environment? Are you putting the fear that people will take advantage of you? Are you putting out there the fear of trust? Are you putting out the fear of being rejected?

We should not host the self-degrading thinking habit that just because someone compliments us, they are up to something mischievous. This will only create a wall keeping them out and other kind interactions that could just be the light of your dim day. Have you heard the term, “they have a wall up”? That’s exactly what it feels like when someone is giving you a kind gesture and you block that energy  by deflecting it with a negative statement or negative body language. Maybe it’s just a kind gesture and they mean no harm. You deserve that goodness from time to time. Don’t block yourself from receiving it or giving it. Human beings need each other and love to help each other out. When we share kindness there is a magic of euphoria that arises.

Have you given a compliment to someone without expecting anything back from them in return? This is what we call love. Love is greater than fear. The courage to love openly opens the door to abundance on many levels. So WHEN you receive a compliment accept it, embrace it, and also be open to give one. Give a compliment to at least one person a day. It is a good habit to develop. Until then, I encourage you to be that courageous creator in your life.

To learn more about the power of your attitude towards yourself and others check out podcast episode 12: Attitude Is The New Gratitude with courageous creator guest, 14 year old Muskan Virk. Go to www.championuppodcast.com to listen. Leave us a review and comment.





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