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Champion Up Podcast: The Purposeful Life Show
Champion Up Podcast:
The Purposeful
Life Show
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I'm grateful that my publicist Jonathan Masiulionis arranged for  me to be a guest on Adrian's podcast. Wow! What an uplifting, rich conversation we shared, and what a positive, inspiring man Adrian is. I'm delighted that we've connected, and that I'll listen to his podcasts as I'm able, supporting my journey onward. 

And how fun that Adrian loves my third book - Designed to SHINE! Read Aloud Rhymes for Any Size Heart, that it has found a place in his personal library and that he'd like me to return when Designed to SHINE! Volume Two enters the world.

Do yourself a favor...enter the orbit of this Divine Spark named Adrian Starks! 

Blessings and love, 
Joy Resor
What an incredible experience it was being on the Purposeful Life Show with Adrian Starks! I had a blast discussing authentic brand strategy and the realities of forging your own path in life. From a branding perspective, working with Adrian is an excellent opportunity to position and further solidify yourself as an expert in your field.

Adrian has built an amazing platform for creators and influencers to broadcast their message to the world, and he’s done it in a way that feels real and organic. 
As a speaker, I can say Adrian is one of the easiest hosts you’ll ever work with. He’s incredibly organized and asks meaningful, engaging questions that ignite conversations your audience will want to hear. I still have people raving about our interview! 

Adrian, thank you for your welcoming spirit and for having me on your show.

Caitey Gilchrist 
Brand Strategist & Speaker
Loneliness, The New Rising Epidemic
Adrian Starks:
Is Loneliness, truly an epidemic on the rise across the world. What if it is impacting our lives on both a personal and business level and we are not even aware of it? What if we were to understand what truly causes loneliness and this would improve our lives to change for the better, there'll be more energy, more productivity, more peace of mind. This could be possible and that is what we are going to learn on today's episode.:

Adrian Starks: 
Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful live show on the champion up podcast. This podcast is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning at venture and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I'm happy you're here and if you're new to our show, make sure to give us a five star rating and subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at champion up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It's time to step into your courage and believe the champion in you.:

Adrian Starks: 
Well. Welcome back to another powerful episode on the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. I am your host and my name is Adrian Starks and I'm excited to get this show started and get it on the road, but before we do that, give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on the amazing content coming to you weekly. Go to the APP store, type in the word champion up to get that free champion of APP for download. Today's a very special episode. We're going to talk about loneliness in this busy world and yes, loneliness is a concern right now. We have a specialist on the show named Michelle Falcone. Michelle is going to help us learn a little bit more about that and what we can do to help ourselves when we start to feel alone and feel like there's nothing really going in our direction. Michelle, can you say hello to our audience today?:

Hello everyone. I'm so, it's so wonderful to be here with you.:

Adrian Starks: 
Well, we're excited to have you here, Michelle, and a little bit here about Michelle. Michelle Falcone is a life and business coach who believes in the potential of human being and is committed to helping those that she works with to obtain a life they love. Michelle is expertly trained in the areas of self awareness, relationships, and shadow work. As an entrepreneur, she has built several successful businesses on the foundation of strong relationships and empowering others. Michelle's most recent venture involves the development of the connection APP an APP designed to help people develop healthy relationship habits leading to a greater trust and intimacy. Above all else, Michelle is a proud mother and a divine feminine leader on a mission to make a difference in the world. Michelle, welcome to the show today.:

Thank you, Adrian. It's an honor to be here with you.:

Adrian Starks: 
Well, we're so excited to have you here. We want to learn a little bit more about loneliness in this world and what we can do to improve our lives, but before we do that, can you let our audience know a little bit more about what you do?:

Yes. Well, I'm a life coach and business coach and I have a private practice. What that looks like is, I work with my clients to really get clear on what they want and then we identify what's getting in the way. So it's looking at where you are in your life and where it is that you want to be. And then we identify what it is that's getting in the way. We really look at the discrepancy between where you are now and where you want to be, which happens to be what we call discontent when someone's at a certain place in their life and they want to be over here, but there's a space in between.:

Adrian Starks: 
And so you help them create the steps between those spaces. Michelle, what inspired you to want to do this kind of work?:

Well, I believe I've always been doing this kind of work. I think it's my soul's purpose. Um, so yeah, I just have always, through everything that I've done, Adrian, it's always been about people, relationships and people. And I've always had this gift of being able to see past behavior, past, you know, fear, things that get in the way for all of us and the people's true potential. And just really believe, um, what people are capable of, you know, the possibilities for them and empower that and really support them to be their best selves. And as an entrepreneur and you know, having many employees and managing large staffs and throwing in, developing businesses along the way, I just really identified with them myself that this was my strength and this is what I truly love to do. So about 10 years ago, I went through huge transformation myself and um, you know, just came to this place that I wanted to make my career doing and practicing what I absolutely loved, which was supporting people to reach their full potential.:

So it led me down the path of becoming a life and business coach. And I did, you know, I just did so much work on myself, which then led me to training, um, at the Ford Institute where I met My, I'll refer to them as my family. Um, you know, when you just meet that group of like-minded people where you just know you fit and you're meant to be.:

Adrian Starks: 
I know that feeling. Yeah.:

That's what the Fordham Institute was for me. And so that's why I've got my certification in integrative coaching and shadow work. And then I, you know, I just went from there. I started my practice and um, gosh, it's just been, it's been a ride.:

Adrian Starks: 
Speaking of ride, you know, Michelle, you're so successful at what you do. We mentioned earlier in your bio about creating several successful businesses. So for someone looking to get into the business of creating a business of what they love, what is one of the biggest steps you think they should take?:

The first thing is, is getting really clear on what it is that you want and what you want to create. Clarity is so powerful. So getting clear on what you want to create. Yeah, just really clear on it, you know, it makes it simple when you just have that clarity on exactly what it is that you want to create and why, really identifying why. And then secondly, it's about creating the plan and having the support around you.:

Adrian Starks: 
Creating the plan and having the support around you and the support is something we're going to get into next. And speaking of support, Michelle, you're always creating amazing things. This is why I consider you a courageous creator. I want you on the show because you're always learning. You're always finding a way to really provide services to people from your heart. And that is so empowering and it's so necessary for a leader such as you. So I want to talk about the connection APP that you have created help to create and that is changing so many lives. I mean people are talking about this app. So this app of connection is really necessary in a time of loneliness. So with this app, what does it exactly do and what is its purpose?:

Well, there's two apps actually. There's the connection app. So just to be clear, so there is the connection app and then the connection app for couples. Okay. Both apps are designed around core seven core connection habits. However they are, different because obviously the connection app for couples is geared towards couples and really developing healthy habits with your partner, with your intimate relationships. Whereas the connection APP, the focus is developing healthy relationship habits, um, in all areas of your life and starting with yourself because your relationship with yourself truly is the most important relationship you will ever have.:

Adrian Starks: 
Ooh, I love that. That's my light bulb moment. The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you'll ever have. And that seems to, for some people to be just the opposite of what they're thinking because we're going to talk about loneliness here in this society that we live in. And a lot of people are feeling like, well, I don't have anyone that loves me. I'm not in a relationship, so I'm not lovable. And this leads into a lot of depression that goes on right now. So can we talk a little bit about this idea of loving yourself and knowing yourself because there seems to be this epidemic that's rising called loneliness. What do you, what is your take on loneliness and what does it mean exactly to you?:

Well, loneliness is really being disconnected and not, so what being disconnected means is not being present, not being grounded, not being present and grounded.:

And, what's happened is, you know, in this modern modern day life that we have, we are busier than ever. Life is full of distractions are so many choices, so many, there's just so many options, um, which require time and looking through things, making decisions. And so we are in, in this place that we're in our, we're in our heads, you know, we're in, in our heads over thinking, um, which then can lead to high stress and anxiety. And we're not spending enough time in our hearts, which is being present,:

Adrian Starks: 
Not spending enough time in our hearts, which is being present. That is a challenge for a myriad of people because what most one was think is that, well, I need to be busy. I need to be around other people. I need to be able to give myself and all my energy to all these things because then I can feel important if I'm doing a lot of different things. And so what we're saying today is that what you're implying is that we need to be living more in our heart to slow things down a little bit.:

Yes. You often need to slow down Adrian in order to move faster?:

Adrian Starks: 
Huum? That's a good one. I like that. Slow down so you can move faster. Oh, all right. So speaking of slowing down, let's go back to this topic of loneliness and I want to bring this out for the audience and I'm pretty sure a lot of people are wondering right now, well alone and loneliness, is that the same thing? I mean, or is it two different ways of looking at it?:

No, they're, they're not the same thing. Okay. I actually am an advocate first. Spending a long time being, being alone is actually really healthy. Giving that time, giving yourself that time to just be and connect with yourself and your thoughts and your desires, um, is so positive and healthy for you know, for you. Um, it really is the ultimate self love and self care.:

Adrian Starks: 
Excellent. I agree with you too, Michelle, because I used to think when I was younger that being alone meant that you would and important, you are not worthy and a lot of people think this because we had been taught that you deem yourself esteem on what people may think of you. And that is just the opposite of what we should be doing. So in this busy world, we need to be gathering more time to be alone. And what you're saying also too, this can help improve our relationships.:

Absolutely. Wow. Because it starts with you, your relationship with yourself. If you're not comfortable and accepting yourself and feeling good in your own skin and loving yourself now, really learning to love yourself for who you are. All of you. You're not able to accept and love other people. It starts with you. So the more accepting and understanding and compassionate you are with yourself, it will then transfer on how you are with other people.:

Adrian Starks: 
Because at that point you're not asking or you're not requesting, you're not expecting anything from them. What happens with a lot of people, they don't give themselves love. And so they're going to other people saying, I want you to make me happy. I want you to make me feel like I'm trustworthy. I want you to make me feel this way. And they're putting all this responsibility, another person which stresses them out to a certain extent. Yeah.:

Well it's expectations. Yeah. Right. We go in with an attachment, we go into a relationship with an attachment, a certain expectation of the way we, you know, think this needs to be instead of just being with what is:

Adrian Starks: 
Being what is.And I really feel like that is an issue right now with this loneliness being an epidemic and people across the world. And part of this is coming from depression. You know, the unwillingness to understand that being alone is a good thing. Maybe you've gotten out of relationships and maybe you've lost a friend, a family member or something of that. So we all have our ways of dealing with a situation or grieving through it. However, there is a time where being alone is a good thing for you. And I read this statistic from a World Health Organization, they promulgated that there's over 300 million people suffering from depression worldwide. 300 million people and of that amount. Yeah,:

it's a big deal. It's devastating, really devastating. And we, and I am such a, you know, I just feel so passionate, Adrian, that we really need to wake up to this and you know, really start paying more attention to seeking a solution for this big problem that we have going on in the world.:

I agree. So what can our audience began to do to decrease their feeling of loneliness?:

Well, I highly recommend spending more time with people and having authentic, genuine connection,:

Adrian Starks: 
authentic, genuine connections, meaning that so authentic, genuine connection, meaning being with people because of love, right? You're not being with them because you want them to like you or love you or to accept you, but you're being with them because of they accept you who you are as you are.:

Exactly. Okay. Spending time with people and enjoying people. You know, not going in with an agenda or a certain expectation. You know, just having people in your life that you're able to be with and spend time and be your authentic self and express and be free. The more that you can have that in your life, the less lonely or feel.:

Adrian Starks:
So for our audience today, remember that you want authentic and genuine relationships. Just not any relationship. You know, I had someone tell me a while back, well, what happens if you have a childhood friend and you've known them forever, but yet they're not a person that you would really want to associate with because of their lifestyle and how they do things and said, well that's, that's your answer right there. They don't connect with you in a certain way that is in alignment with your value system. Then you need to make the decision of having them in your life or not. Now, it doesn't mean you have to be mean to them or to be abrupt, but just because they're a childhood friend. That's a title!:

Yeah. So it's, it's having those boundaries, boundaries, boundaries, and checking in with yourself, being honest with yourself and checking in with yourself. Is this person aligned with my values?:

Adrian Starks: 
Yes. I had to do that. I had to really check my value system.:

Yeah. And it's not just, you know, what the person is talking and saying this, this is my wisdom coming in. Yeah. I'm 49 years old now. So, uh, has given me the experience of life has given me wisdom. And I, you know, my, the younger version of me used to really be, um, naive to just talk. I would, you know, people that were really great at talking and having amazing ideas and just the talk, I would get swooped up in that x saving energy and not take the time to see the person's actions. Right? Yes. That is it. And, and it was absolutely fine. You know, that was where I was in my younger life and there was a lot of fun and exciting times that came with all of that. And, but my back is maturity. I, you know, I just learned to, to really look at the way people are being and how they're showing up and it's not aligned with my values. Right. And because it really is so important. This goes back to your relationship with yourself. Okay. Right. And honoring yourself and loving yourself is you do not compromise you. You do not compromise your values. Then it just puts you out of integrity, which leads to um, feeling anxious and uncommitted, vulnerable, all sorts of things.:

Adrian Starks: 
Yeah. Let's talk about integrity because I believe a lot of people may assume that integrity means walking the straight and narrow and just being this upfront, stern person in what Michelle is saying is what is the absolute truth about integrity? Integrity means you're being honest with yourself, your value system.:

I love that. Adrian. I, yeah, cause that's exactly what it is.:

Adrian Starks: 
Yeah. And I believe that a lot of people just think the integrity just means sticking to your word and it's part of that, but most importantly, sticking to what you believe to be true about your value system. Because that is why I feel for many years of my life, Michelle, you know I, I was great at people pleasing. I had a lot of friends went in and out of relationships and now I'm single because I've chosen to be because I really understand the power of being alone. But what it has done for me is I have been able to create a value system that allows me to really be around people and share love and not want anything from them. But just being there that's, I really feel like this is something that's really necessary in a society that is so disconnected. And Michelle, why do you think our society is so disconnected right now at this point? I mean, if you turn on the news, people are disconnected. If you read the newspaper, people would disconnect. If you go out in public, people are yelling and screaming at each other. It's so disconnected. Why do you think this is the case?:

Well, there's a number of reasons, but I, I believe the number, the number one reason is distraction, distractions, distraction. There is so much going on in life. You know, just like I was saying earlier, we have so many choices. There's just so much information. Like everywhere you go you're just being bombarded with information which is distracting. So it does take you away from that present state.:

Adrian Starks: 
I agree. It does take you away because there are so many distractions come and gone. There's so much information coming at us. And I think that is leading to also you mentioned earlier about our anxiety of having too many things to choose from. What we can't really make a decision:

And this leads into the connection app. Um, which is, you know, focused on seven core connection habits. Yes. But the whole vision and idea behind it is to have people practicing these habits, theories so that they are actually learning to not get caught up in all these distractions.:

Adrian Starks: 
And I had a chance actually to try out this connection app and I absolutely loved it. I was just thinking to myself like, and for those who are listening today, go to the APP store, type in the connection APP, get that APP downloaded, start to use it. There's this amazing system they've created where you can get points for things that you do and I'm a point person, so I like being, you know, seeing my numbers go up. But it encourages you to really look at yourself from a perspective of did I do my habit today? Because everything is about habits and this is what Michelle is saying, this connection APP that she's helped to create is going to help you stay focused on what really matters and get away from those distractions that don't matter.:

It's making connection happening.:

Adrian Starks: 
Connection to habit. Yes, and I love the fact that we're making connection a habit now because it's so important in these times of disconnection. And so I want to talk a little bit more about this success that you're having with this connection APP, Michelle, and out of all the multiple experiences that you've had, because you've quite an impressive person to me, succeeding in several businesses in this panel for the app that is really beginning to make impact in so many lives across the world. You know, what is the number one thing that you feel has helped you to stay on the path to a successful career in business?:

I believe in myself. Yeah. I think that is how it has definitely been, um, yeah, the most powerful, my belief in myself, however that is then supported by I people in. So I have a very strong connection to myself. Um, I know myself, I trust myself and there have been times in my life that I've actually really almost wanted to resist what myself was revealing to me because it meant change. It meant upsetting people, hurting people is the way I perceived it. But I just have always been able to, you know, go to that place of trusting that what I am, what I'm feeling, what I am feeling compelled to do or create is, is for a reason. And I, because of that trust is so strong, that belief, I go with them. Um, you know, it always, it always proves to be you know, proves to me that it was what I needed to do.:

So that is why that trust is there. And then I just, I've always been open to open to what shows up. Adrian, I believe in the power of people and I trust that what shows up is showing up for a reason. It doesn't mean that I always am meant to, um, you know, go with that situation or the group of people or whatever. But it shows up for me to at least, you know, um, look at the situation. There's some sort of learning there for me. Sometimes I just move on. Sometimes it's people show up that I'm actually meant to connect with on a really profound level and create with. But I'm always open to that. And then what comes with that is a support system:

Adrian Starks: 
Because you were open to trust.:

Absolutely. Yeah. I and I'm, I'm open to it because my belief is still strong in it. You know, I, it just makes it easy for me. I just see that. Um, I think, um, you know, I actually feel very blessed that I am able to see oneness able to see oneness.:

Adrian Starks: 
And so the two steps that you mentioned, which are very powerful key steps here for our audience listening today about if you want to stay on the path to where you're going, because here's the thing, you're going to face some road bumps along the way when you're going toward successful career, even changing your personal life. And the two steps that Michelle mentioned was one, believing in yourself. And I know that many of you have heard this before, but how many of you are actually taking that in and using it, believing in yourself, believing where you are, believing what you can do. And number two is being open to trust. And Oh, this was a hard one for me to do. Being open to trust that whatever comes to you comes to you and you learn to deal with it. Because remember everyone, the same walls that you keep up to protect yourself from things that you think you're protecting yourself from is the same wall that keeps out opportunity.:

Adrian Starks: 
Good people, good things in your life happening. So when you open a trust, yes you will become vulnerable and vulnerability is not a weakness. It is actually a strength and she knows about this and the work that she does in her clients across the world, in her business, the shadow work she does to coaching, she does. You have to be vulnerable and that means not taking things from people that are negative all the time, but just understanding that if you open yourself up to change, mistakes are going to happen, things are going to happen, but you can move through it. And I love the fact that Michelle is here today because we show has really inspired me on so many levels, especially how she's able to connect with people. And if you haven't had a chance to meet Michelle in person or even work with her in person, I would highly suggest that you do because she will help you take yourself to a different level when it comes to really opening up that part of you that you have blocked off because there's always a part of us that we have blocked off from an old story or something that we have.:

Adrian Starks: 
And so Michelle is an expert in doing that and she just really is a life, a life beam. When you see Michelle and you're around her, you just feel like, wow, there's so much more in life that I'm missing out on and Michelle can really take you there. So thank you.:

You're very welcome.:

Adrian Starks: 
And Michelle, for our audience today, how can they reach out to you or find out more about you?:

Two ways that you can reach out to me. Um, I do have a website, Michelle falcone.com:

But I can also be reached through the connection APP, which is the connection app.com.:

Adrian Starks: 
Excellent. It's connectionapp.com you can reach to her through her website as well too and get that connection App, ladies and gentlemen, and go to the APP store, type in the word thconnection app download it and began to take yourself to another level of connecting and to also share it with friends too as well and find ways that you all can connect in a more positive and uplifting level. I want to thank you so much for being on this show today and it has been an absolute pleasure to have you here.:

Oh my pleasure to be here, Adrian. Well thank you.:

Adrian Starks: 
And we have one courageous creator question that we ask all our amazing guests on this show and this question today for you is what does the world need more of?:


Adrian Starks: 
Yes, I agree. The world needs more love.:

and I really like the way you brought up being vulnerable and that to be vulnerable actually is courageous.:

Adrian Starks: 
It certainly is. And to love is to be courageous because there's so many of us that we say, well, I want love and I need love and I don't have love. But what we don't realize is that this law of compensation that we all, we cannot evade this give and you shall receive at some point, but you give out of kindness out of love first because you can because love is the most powerful force that moves this planet. I've learned this and I feel like the more free, yeah, and the more that we can connect with ourselves, as Michelle has mentioned today, throughout our episode of connecting with others, through the process of connecting with ourselves, that is where love begins to take place. You know, love is not this thing when someone just says, I love you. That is a concept that many people in society believe.:

Adrian Starks: 
Love is an action. It's a verb. It's a movement. And if you don't act on love, then you're not going to be able to receive that because the world gives you just back what you give out. So Michelle, I love the answer on the world needs more love and I certainly agree with you and we love the fact that you have been here on this show today. Michelle, thank you again.

Oh, you're welcome.:

Adrian Starks: 
All right, well to our audience here, remember this today, connect more with yourselves, connect more with the people in your life, genuine, authentic relationships as Michelle has mentioned, and to get that connection APP. But until then, I encourage you all to bring more love into your life and to believe in that champion you and to be that courageous creator in your life.:

Adrian Starks: 
This is the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast with myself Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed our podcast today, don't forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on the powerful life changing content on in future episodes. Also make sure to go to champion up.net for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life.
Podcast Transcription - Saying Yes To Life
Adrian Starks:0:00Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful life show on the Champion Up Podcast. This show is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning at venture and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I'm happy you're here and if you're new to our show, make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at Champion Up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It's time to step into your courage and belief the champion in you.

Adrian Starks:0:34Well, welcome back everyone to the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. I am your host and my name is Adrian starts and we're excited to have you back for another amazing episode. Make sure to go to the APP store, type in the word champion up to get that free champion up app for download. Also give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so that we can have more amazing content coming to you weekly. Today's show is all about saying yes to life and Ooh, do I like that? Joining us today on an all new edition of the champion up podcast, the purpose life show to share that message of saying yes to life is Joy Resor and Joy is absolutely a joy to talk with today and I'm excited to share a little bit of her story. Joy is a spiritual counselor, children's author and joy bringer who inspires love, peace, and joy in the path of those she encounters every day. Joy Lives in North Carolina where she hula hoops and sunbeams writes books that inspire folks to deeper life of love and shares adventures with her partner, Michael. Joy's Inner chatter will share laughter with you and any moment and I'm excited to share this laughter with joy as well today. Joy, welcome to our show.

Joy Resor :1:41Thank you, Adrian. It's great to be here.

Adrian Starks:1:44Well, it is a joy to have you here today. And I'm going to keep saying that word because I think we need it all in our life and we're excited to really share your story and what you're bringing to this planet with helping people understand about saying yes to life. Joy, can you share a little bit with our audience today about what you do?

Joy Resor :2:03Thank you, sir. I am. I bring love, peace and joy in every aspect of my life. I serve clients in spiritual direction. That is what I'm certified in. I have an ability to bring the vibration, enter any room up because I am a high vibrational individual even though I'm an introvert. But when I am with people, I light up and, um, I am having so much fun doing many more interviews than I ever thought. I mean, I never thought my life would be this. And I, I hear all the time how my books have inspired people and uh, I, so I show up in a sense to spiritual. Yeah. Spiritual conventions and different things.

Adrian Starks:2:59Okay. And so I,
Adrian Starks:3:00speaking of books, you have a book called designed to shine, read aloud, rhymes for any sized heart, and that is absolutely an encouraging book. What inspired you, Joy, to want to do this kind of work of bringing this light into people's lives?

Joy Resor :3:20Thank you. Oh my gosh. Well, its my joy. I was named Joy. My joy was squashed in my family and I tucked inward. I wrote poetry. I went and sat on a rock outside and communicated with the god of my understanding. And I believed that my life someday would be much better. Um, so lo and behold, when I was in my thirties I was married. I was working on healing wounds from my childhood. I was a stay at home mother. And I started writing in my journal a daily prayer to become the joy I am created to be the joy you're created to be.

Joy Resor :4:13Oh yeah. Thank you. And it, I never knew the power in my own journaling, but I've watched my life just change in change and me living into so many synchronicities of being led to the right books, the right healer, the right class, so that I could continue becoming a better version of who I am. And Lo and behold, these three books that have come through me. I never tried to write then Adrian. Hmm. They, I believe that I have become so clear in my beingness. I have beautiful spiritual practices in the morning and at night, and that I am a channel for what divinity wants to bring into the world through me. Um, and, and this book, I'm not surprised that it came in Ryan. Um, and I am so grateful that I've had so many people say to me, I was hesitant to look at this book because I don't really like Ryan. And I thought it might be sing song me or something else that would bother me. But Joy, these rhymes are beautiful and delightful and meaning. Yes.

Adrian Starks:5:38Wonderful. You know? And so for you saying yes to yourself, like you mentioned before about your morning and evening spiritual routines, which I think is very important for us to have routines in our lives to pay attention to ourselves. But when you wrote this book designed to shine, which is a poetical book for our audience listening, you must get this book. It's basically the alphabet a to Z and within this alphabet, each letter is formulated in the style of a point that brings inspiration, which is so soothing to the mind into the heart. Thank you for that, Joy. I really appreciate it. Yeah, but this fascinating and political book that you wrote, you obviously said yes to it because it's what you wanted to do. Do you feel that by saying yes to what really matters to us in our hearts, that, that is a courageous act and part of us saying yes to life?

Joy Resor :6:31I do. And you just gave me goosebumps because, and you gave me the reminder that years ago I laid on the ground to surrender my life to divinity. That is courage, it took courage because my ego that I still had left in me did not want me to do it. My Ego was in fear that I would be wiped out of off the planet. And you know, my ego is fear. I think a lot of it, it's comparison and fear and judgment. And I agree with you, you know? Yeah. And so me surrendering to the god of my understanding, it has completely changed my life in the most beautiful ways. And I, I even said to my partner on the phone this morning, I said, I can't believe it because yes, those who might look up my website, I also put in the world beautiful batik fabric, um, items that have positive words on them.

Joy Resor :7:45And I was led to advertise for a new seamstress. It's been really months and months and maybe longer that my current seamstress really wasn't saying yes to me, you know, and kind of just saying, I'll get to it, I'll get to it. And I finally had a conversation and said, you know what, if I reach out for another seamstress and my scenes just said, please do. Um, I, I do not need to be the only one selling for you and I welcome you to do that. And the woman who answered the first woman who answered my ad is so excited to, so for me, I am, and she's such an expert seamstress that she's even going to sew things for an event. I am in this coming weekend.

Adrian Starks:8:43Amazing. You know, exchange of events going on there. I just love this story that you're telling me. And you mentioned before, I want to go back to this about the ego being that fear part of you, but why do you think many people avoid saying yes to life?

Joy Resor :9:02And there are a million reasons and all the personal ones, why I didn't and I was so covered over with shame and hiding and perfectionism and um, there were years I wasn't even in my body. I was living from the neck up. There was a time I received a direct, what's the word? Not an order, but maybe like maybe an order like don't go. I was getting on the highway and I heard don't go now these days I would turn around. I am grounded in my body. I believe, I believe in the voices that I hear that they are for my good but, but that back then I wasn't grounded in my body. I was in my perfectionism and I, I chalked that up to fear that it was, it was some voice in me that didn't want me to drive to downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Adrian Starks:10:06But there's this whole metaphor for what happened because here I am a woman named joy who was going to interview a woman named faith and yes, and I heard don't go. And I didn't believe that it was a good warning and I prayed for protection and I went, um, one, one or two blocks before the church where I was meeting faith, my brain registered whore. That because the people waiting at the red light to my right as I approached the green light had a look of horror on their faces. It's because the next split second, my car was sent through the green light. A man was having a seizure behind me. He was hitting parked cars and the p the, as I was approaching the green light, the people at the red light, we're watching this unfolding. So they, they saw that he was going to crash into me and he sent me through a green light on a one way street. So, um, I am, I needed to be here. You know, I was saved, I had neck and back, um, soft tissue injuries that I held in my body for not for nine years because I had been a doctor's daughter. I didn't, the concept of Chiropractic was nowhere in me. And if someone had said to me, go to see a chiropractor, then the memory would have come up that, that is a bad, bad thing.

Adrian Starks:11:56You mentioned too about making decisions from the neck up and I totally get that and that really gave me a visual about us not working from the heart. What are some, just a couple of examples of some steps our audience can have today to start saying yes to their life?

Joy Resor :12:13Oh goodness. Um, yes to say to say yes to our lives. What I recommend is giving yourself some time. Okay. And write down everything you are doing. Okay. And look at it. What are you doing that someone else can be doing? Okay. What are, where are you care taking that is not this person you are to be care taking. Like I think that's so many people's lives are overly full with commitments and responsibilities and, but it's not all true responsibility. So many people are taking care of things that aren't. There's two, two.

Adrian Starks:13:01Yes. I agree with that. Taking that responsibility on for other things that are not your responsibility. I so agree.

Joy Resor :13:08Yes. And when we get clear on what is ours to do, what is another's to do? When we get the clarity that we can speak for ourselves and see that it's also, I've just journeyed through so much. There was so many years I couldn't even speak up for myself. And so I wasn't saying yes to my own life because I didn't have any voice at all. But it all kind of happened around the same time. It was after my divorce that I started living differently. Um, I was able to live into forgiveness of the marriage, failing of my ex's part in it and my part in it. And I, I started doing so much bodywork, Adrian, where I got so grounded and what had happened in all the years of living in fear and being a perfectionist is that my body was kind of tucked into itself and tight. Yes. Yeah. So I've done raw feeling and chiropractic and polities and stretching and so many things to open my body, open my heart. And I believe it is with an open heart that it's way easier to say yes to life.

Adrian Starks:14:39Oh. So living with an open heart, it's even easier to say yes to life. And speaking of, yes. So we're going to go back to this fascinating book called designed to shine here. And on page 48 there is a part and it's with the letter y, which is guess what the word is? Audience. Yes. And so the first few phrases here, it really captivated me. It says you may hear more no than yes as you flow. It's how some adults take lead as you grow. And I thought that was absolutely wonderful because we do hear the word no a lot in our lives, but joy, how many times a day do you think that you say yes to life?

Joy Resor :15:26Oh my gosh, I have been, I have changed and changed and changed and I am an adventure now, Adrian and listeners, and I say so many more yeses, but at the same time, I am cautious of not saying so many yeses that I'm running like crazy because I have learned of who I am and I don't. I don't thrive when I'm doing too much and I don't thrive when I put pressure on myself, I thrive with allowing with space in my life with a lot of peace in my life with rest, with saying yes and accomplishing a lot is is what I do. I say a lot of yeses and I also, um, I just, I think honoring ourselves is a huge topic.

Adrian Starks:16:32I love that honoring ourselves is such a huge topic. And speaking of honoring ourselves when we do hear that word no, I always see it as like, oh no, maybe that's a sign from the universe and the world telling us to go a different direction. Or maybe it's a sign saying move on to the next opportunity. So what does the word no mean to you and do you hear it often being such a joy that you are in life?

Joy Resor :16:56Thank you. I don't hear the word no that often, but even when I do, it's um, I can receive it with such ease. Now I do not take it personally and I take it as what you named Adrian. It's a sign that maybe I need to change direction. Maybe this isn't the right time for this thing. And I actually had a recent event where it was a phone call with a merchant who invited me in with my books for a book reading in November. And then there she was in whatever month it was march saying just not, I don't think we want you anymore. And I listened and I said, wow, that's interesting. Thank you for letting me know. We talked, we talked a little more. Um, we talked more. And then when I named that I'm going to be on this local media and this local media and doing a book reading at this local bookstores, she's like, oh, well maybe we can keep your things, you know, because I'm probably going to do shoutouts to her store if I am on local media. So she realized I could be an asset to her. 

Adrian Starks:18:22Of course she realized that.(laughing)

Joy Resor :18:26Yeah. So yeah, mostly my life is unbelievably beautiful and I believe that it's because I am in service to divinity to bring love into this world and that divinity desires more and more people who are awake and not overly committed to whatever and not wounded. That people that can say yes to bringing love onto this planet.

Adrian Starks:18:57Ooh, people are saying yes to bringing love on this planet. And that is something that I feel as a culture and society that we're misusing the word love and what it means and how to accept it. And more importantly, how to give it to the people in our lives and the world. And what you're saying is we've got to say yes to love. So speaking of love, I know that the children are loving this book and this concept as you travel across the world and spread this joyful message, how are, yeah, you're welcome. So what is your feeling about this as you spread this message more? How, how are the children feeling about this message? What are you receiving from them?

Joy Resor :19:43Oh Gosh, thank you Adrian. I'm receiving, um, amazing attentiveness and when I read these rhymes to children, yes, and smiles, um, but not only it's beyond the children, I have reviews from 65 year old people who say, you know, I didn't, I bought this, this one woman, she said, I bought this book for when children visit, but no one's visiting me. And I love getting it out. Luckily it makes me feel lighter. And this is what all my books people have said to me because I am an inspiration through my words. Thank you. I believe that I came here to be named joy, have my joy, squash, fight back to find my two I and then bring it.

Adrian Starks:20:43Find your joy and you hear that everyone bring your out here in the world. And speaking of this book, you know I'm quite a poetical person myself and I love poetry from people such as Robert Frost to Maya Angelou. And the list goes on and on. So I must tell you that your book is now in my personal library, in my poetry section. So for the audience that is listening, this book is for you, it is for your children, is for anyone in your life that you feel can have a little bit more zest, a little bit more joy, and a little bit more encouragement and to lighten that stress from their shoulders as speaking of lightening stress from their shoulders. Joy, is there any way that our audience can get in contact with you to learn more about your journey? About where you're going to be speaking next. Your next book's coming out. Is there any way they can contact you?

Joy Resor :21:35Certainly. Thank you. I do a decent job listing my events on my website. I realized today, Oh, I have more events I need to add. Um, but that you could go to my website, http:joyonyourshoulders.com. And find and also connect with me through there or connect with me on Facebook @Joy.Resor or @joyonyourshoulders.

Adrian Starks:22:03Hey, joy on your shoulders. You are just so, this is an extraordinary person. I just, I'm smiling right now as we speak. I do a lot of smiling, but you've put a greater smile on my face today. So join me. We're going to end here with a courageous creator question, which I have, which the guests love. And the question I have for you today is this, why should we say yes more to life? And what happens when we ignore this decision to say yes.

Joy Resor :22:34Oh my gosh, that's such a great question, Adrian. Especially for me because I can see, I'll give you an example. Um, a couple of years ago, well, I have these two grown amazing sons and one was serving in the Peace Corps in Namibia in Africa. I called him, we had this beautiful conversation and this question arose in me. I said, would you like me to visit? And the thing is, I'm so certain that years ago I, I never would have asked the question so that since I had become more of an adventure in life and that to me was experimenting, saying more yeses more often, leaning into new things more often to see if they resonate or not. But it led me to go to Africa and have a enjoy a photo safari with my older son. That was an amazing time that we shared together. Um, so I just know that saying yes, um, it opens us to more experiences.

Joy Resor :23:54It leads us to meet interesting people. It gives us more, more joy and more opportunities to love life. Like I am, I am in awe of really Adrian and listeners ever since I grounded in my body. I'm in awe at the beauty of life, at the beauty of our planet. And I mean the beauty of meals like I eat, I'm so mindful now, I am present. I am so awake and having the adventure of a lifetime that I didn't ever know that I would be inspiring people through my books. But I was writing since I was a little girl, um, tucked into myself. Um,

Adrian Starks:24:53This is wonderful and this is why you're a courageous creator and the reason why you are on this show because you're bringing joy to the lives of the multitude of people across this wonderful and magnificent planet. The fact that your name is joy really inspires me because it says this, we must be true to ourselves and understand what that truth is an act out that truth in the world and you're acting out the truth of joy. And that is through your poetry, through your words of inspiration. And so for our audience listening today, I would encourage you to get this book designed to shine. Read Aloud, rhymes for any sized heart. And I'm going to go back to this phrase, any size heart. So no matter where you are in life, no matter what your age, what your background is, what your circumstances are, this book is for you. This book is for you to bring joy into your lives and let joy be on your shoulders and joy. I'm so excited that you are on this journey and I would love to know do you have any other things are coming up like another book that you're going to be releasing or anything of that sort down the road.

Joy Resor :25:59Thank you Adrian. Yes I am ever evolving and ever bringing new things into the world and there is a second designed to shine read aloud rhymes for any size heart that will be yes, it will be coming out later this year with 26 new enlivening rhymes. So where this one covers a tension balanced change and 23 more topics. The second volume has a rhyme for a maze believe create and I'm really excited about that. Next also coming into the world to bless how it can bless to bless, how it can bless.

Adrian Starks:26:49This ladies and gentlemen is why joy is a courageous creator. Thank you so much joy for bringing us a joy and it was a joy to be on the show today.

Adrian Starks:26:58You are so welcome, Adrian. Thank you for the opportunity.

Adrian Starks:27:01You're absolutely welcome and to our audience today. Think about this. How can you say yes more to life and to create the joy that you actually deserve? Until then, I encourage you all to be that courageous creator in your life. This is the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast with myself Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed our podcast today, don't forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion up.net for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life!
Podcast #12 Transcription - Attitude Is The New Gratitude
Adrian Starks:0:00Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. This podcast is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning at venture and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I'm happy you're here and if you're new to our show, make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at champion up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It's time to step into your courage and believe the champion in you. 

Adrian Starks:0:34Welcome back every one for joining the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. My name is Adrian Starks and I'm the host. I'm happy to have you here and to make sure that you go to the APP store and to type in the word champion up to get that champion up app for some more amazing content. Also, give us that five star rating and make sure you subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on weekly powerful episodes that we will be having and today's a special day. Today we're going to talk about gratitude being the new attitude and I have someone very special on our show and her name is Muskan Virk and she's going to share with us her powers of gratitude. Hey Muskan, can you say hello to our audience here for us please. 

Muskan Virk:1:11Um, hi guys, my name is Muskan. 

Adrian Starks:1:14Well hello Muskan, and we're happy to have you here and I am going to share a little bit about Muskan. Muskan Virk is the author of her book 365 days of gratitude at just six years old. She was curious to find out about a flyer she saw her grandmother had on a table that talked about the term gender equality. She asked her mother, Meera, and insisted that her mother explain to her what it meant. Muskan then was driven to action to change and to be a leader in this cause. From this cause, Muskan was able to develop a book 365 days of gratitude, which we'll be talking about a little bit later today. But I'm so excited to be able to share this moment with you, with Muskan. Muskan, can you first tell the audience your age and what grade you're in? 

Muskan Virk:1:57Yeah, sure. I'm 12 years old and I'm in seventh grade. 

Adrian Starks:2:0212 years old in seventh grade. She already has her own book. Imagine that. So if you're wanting to know when should I be writing this next book or when can I get my book out there? Now is the time. No more excuses. All right, so Muskan, thank you for joining us today. And can you, share with our audience here a little bit about, you know, what you do as far as you talk about gratitude and, what did you do when you, like how did you first decide you were going to talk about gratitude in your book? When did the idea come to you? 

Muskan Virk:2:36Yeah, so, um, when I learned about gender and equality, I started looking at all the bad things in the world. So what was bad and what I couldn't do. So my mom helped me look at the good things and I started to write them down and then my perspective really changed. And that's when I started to learn about the importance of gratitude and what it can do to help you in your life. 

Adrian Starks:3:01I love that. The importance of gratitude and what it can do to help you and your life. Absolutely amazing. And what actually is gratitude? and why do you feel it's so important for us? 

Muskan Virk:3:16Yeah. Um, gratitude is being thankful for what you have in the moment to being thankful for the things that you have right now. Instead of saying that, I'll be thankful once I get the new iPhone or a new car. So once you're grateful now, then that's what gratitude is. It's been grateful in the moment, no matter what the circumstance, 

Adrian Starks:3:38grateful in the moment, no matter what the circumstances are. you meet and you mentioned too about not waiting for the next iPhone, waiting for the next car. And by the way, with your generation, you guys are big on technology. What model of iPhone are we at right now? Speaking of, 

Muskan Virk:3:55um, I think x access 

Adrian Starks:3:59and I have no idea what that is(laugh). Yeah, I think I still have like iPhone seven or eight or something like that. You know, I remember when the first iPhone came out and I don't even think you were born. 

Muskan Virk:4:12No, I was not. 

Adrian Starks:4:13Oh my goodness. It was like this really, like, it was like a brick. It was so big and we were like, oh my God, we can see things on the phone. We can actually watch a movies. It was so amazing to us. But we'll get back to the matter. I'm going off on a tangent here about this IFO thing, but you know, being grateful for being in the now and what we have, you know, I had a chance to look over some information about your book and even inspired me to incorporate this 365 days of gratitude in my life. You know, we talked about the idea and how it came to you, but I also want to talk about, you know, why is this so important for us to know? I mean, I understand that people should be grateful, but why would it have an impact in our lives? Okay. 

Muskan Virk:4:58Um, so gratitude, once you're grateful in the moment, it has lots of benefits such as happiness, seeing things in different perspective and being able to see the good in everything. Like you'd see a light seeing light on a cloudy day. So being able to see the good in everything, wherever you are, 

Adrian Starks:5:17see the good in everything, wherever you are. And that's, I think one of the steps that we, that was going to ask you about. So I was going to ask you what are a couple of steps that we can share with our audience today? That we can start having and bringing some more gratitude into our lives daily. And so you're saying that one of those steps, would it be being in the now, right? 

Muskan Virk:5:34Yeah. So being in the now is one of those steps, but also what you want something really asking yourself, why do I want it? So something like a champion hoodie, that's something that I, I wanted like I think maybe last week then I thought, why do I want that Hoodie? And then I thought it was because a lot of kids in my school have that Hoodie. So, but is that a good enough reason? Just because everyone else has it that I want it. So then I thought, oh, maybe I don't want it. Maybe I just thought I needed it, but I didn't. So I think seven back when you really, really want something and that's when it's hardest to be grateful for the things that you, that are around you because you really, really, really want something. But so like I really want to phone, but then I sit back and think, well what are some of the reasons that my parents haven't gotten your phone too? 

Muskan Virk:6:32Um, it's probably because my parents dropped me off from picking me up from school and I don't go anywhere by myself. So, so like that's a reason maybe there, I don't need a phone. So that's why I think when we really, really want something, being able to step back and look at it from an outside perspective and why you really, really wanted that thing. And then being grateful and that's when it's hardest. But it's when you need gratitude the most to be grateful for the things around you. So you don't feel like you need something like that 

Adrian Starks:7:05to be grateful for the things around you. So you don't feel like you need anything outside of yourself. And that's so important. And by the way, you have some spectacular parents. 

Muskan Virk:7:13I do. Yeah. They 

Adrian Starks:7:15They are absolutely wonderful and how they've been, you know, raising you and it just shows in this conversation of the intelligence and the amount of wisdom that you have. So I want to thank your parents for doing that for you and also keeping you away from this technology that seems to get us all very distracted. I know for me, when I can't find my phone, I just want to rip the place to pieces because of like, where's my phone? Where's my phone? Where's my phone? And I can't really think straight. But what you're telling us is that in what you're sharing today is that, look, you know, you need to be in the now and not be so distracted. And I love that you're able to have a sense of that at this age in your life and for the people that are listening right now, maybe you've got distracted with something else. 

Adrian Starks:7:57Let me remind you, you know, the age of Muskan, she's 12 years old and she's in the seventh grade, but yet this person on this line with us today is teaching so much and I want you to be very mindful of the fact that wisdom is not about age necessarily. So don't be turned off by this conversation. Wisdom is about experience and what you're willing to apply into your life to help yourself and help other people and Muskan is actually doing that. Speaking of helping other people, you know, being in school, I know it's very hard for children these days to fit in because it seems to be the paradigm to fit in, to try and have everyone like you and not to be different. And just to, you know, remaining groups so to speak, kind of like how society is really, you know, but in school, when you are this person that you are this powerful individual, this courageous creator, you are working levels of gratitude into your life on a daily basis and you see people, you, some of your friends and peers maybe. Do you ever like want to help them or give them some advice about gratitude or do you just wait for them to come and ask you because they probably they know you have a book. 

Muskan Virk:9:07Yeah. Well, um, I do try to help some people, but the thing is that I can't force this on them. So once they're ready to hear the messenger of gratitude, it important then, then they'll be, and they have, then they'll listen and then they'll be, then they'll come and ask when they're ready to hear it. But I feel that we can't really force something on somebody like that. So you'd have to wait until they're ready. 

Adrian Starks:9:35You can't force anything on anyone. You have to wait until they're ready. I had a discussion with someone about this, about the difference between encouragement and suggestion. And a lot of times when we suggest things, you know it's seen as you're forcing something versus encouraging someone. That means they have come to you and ask you for help. And I love that you are already recognizing that because it takes years for people to get that down. And so, you know, when I was your age in school, I didn't have a book. I didn't really know what gratitude, what I thought gratitude was just saying, Oh yeah, thank you. You know, I really didn't embrace the fact of it is a meaning and an embodiment of, of being in the present moment. So just to recap here for our audience today Muskan you were saying that to work gratitude into your life, one of the first steps is being in the now, right? Being in the now and then another step is being grateful for what you already have, the things around you. Yes, I love that. And so what has gratitude allowed you to experience more of in your life? I mean, has it brought you some, some benefits? Has It, have you noticed your life changing since you've been working gratitude daily into it? 

Muskan Virk:10:56Yeah. Well, I feel that I've been a lot more happy and I was happy before, but I feel like I'm, I'm even more happy and just like little things can make me happy. I also feel that I will enjoy and make more memories with family because I am thankful for what they do, what they do for me. And I feel like the more time I spend with them, the more memories that we make. And I feel that's another thing that I've gotten out of being grateful for them and what they do for me. Um, another thing is being able to see more opportunities so things they wouldn't have seen before, like, um, maybe new friendship or late, something that I could do better. So that's like one of the other things that have gotten, been working group gratitude into my life. 

Adrian Starks:11:47I so hope when I have children someday that they can be like you, oh my goodness, I only wish that. Okay. So being grateful for your family and being here on this planet is all signs of gratitude and you've learned how he's brought this, this accomplishment of things into your life. What would you like other people your age, and I'm going to keep saying this because I really feel like the younger generation right now, I mean the, the older generation generation, we have our concerns we always have, but I really feel like you and your generation, you are the champions of the future. Speaking of champion Hoodie, I want to go back to the word champion. The champion word is something that I really want you to embrace because you are a champion, you are a courageous creator. That's why I wanted you on this show because what a champion is basically is an individual. It does not matter 

Adrian Starks:12:43Your background, your gender, your race, your age, your culture, whatever it may be, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you're a human being. You're here on this planet and you have something that you're wanting to do and to serve people with on a positive level that makes you a champion. And I really consider you a champion Muskan in what you are doing across this world. Even with your book tours and speaking with people, you know, I really feel like we are losing that sense of, of understanding of what it takes to be a creative person in this world. And I consider you to be someone very unique, but what would you like the people of your age to know about themselves? 

Muskan Virk:13:32I want people to at my age to know that they are perfect the way they are. Even if the society or social media doesn't tell you that because like social media has been designed to show you only the best parts of people's lives. So you think that that's what their life is all about. So you needed realize that that's just the best 10 seconds or three minutes of their lives. But if you, but you are perfect the way you are and trying to fit in is way harder than just expressing your true self. So just being able to be who you are and no matter what and everything will fall into place. 

Adrian Starks:14:16Oh Wow. Trying to fit in is much harder than being your true self. And that's so important. So do you find in your group of individuals or peers that people are trying to fit in too much and that they're kind of losing themselves in pursuit of trying to fit in? 

Muskan Virk:14:38Yeah. I like, I also try to fit in all the time. Like I really want a phone and everyone else in most all my peers have a phone, but there's only a few people who don't. I want, when I told mom, then she's like, oh my God, we should celebrate. We should call it over and we should celebrate. And um, but like in that moment I was like, that's not something to celebrate because we're the ones that don't fit in. But then I realized that maybe the reason that we don't have our phones because we don't need one. And also that we need to learn how to express ourselves before we can express yourself like in real life before we can do it on social media or something. 

Adrian Starks:15:21Learn to express ourselves in real life before we do it on social media. This, that was probably one of the most powerful phrases I have heard in quite some time and I've heard a lot of powerful phrases and this is coming from Muskan. So if you're listening to this, and I'm sure you are, if you're hearing us speak right now and you are a parent, I would love actually I more than love, I want you to play this episode over and over for your child because Muskan is the leader of her generation and she's helping other young peers be leaders in this generation as well too. And she just said that it's so important to express yourself first before you start doing that on social media. And how do we, and we know how social media has taken over everyone's life, you know, the selfies and I love what you said about it, it's only like five seconds of happiness or you're seeing that person, I'm like, Oh, I wish I had their life. No, follow them around for a whole day. You probably won't wish you had their life. (laugh) So I'm glad you brought that to light. Are there any new projects that you're currently working on? 

Muskan Virk:16:30So I have a few book ideas, but my next book will be a children's picture book about kindness. 

Adrian Starks:16:36Oh, a children's picture book about kindness. Ah, that's a really interesting perspective on kindness. Hmm. And is there anything else that you're working on currently? Right now 

Muskan Virk:16:49I'm not at the moment, no. 

Adrian Starks:16:51Okay. But you're still busy. I mean this like, once again, I'm going to say Muskan's age. Muskan is 12 years old. She's in the seventh grade and she's creating some major impact here in the world. And the reason why she's on this show , because she's what I consider a courageous creator. And she has an idea about gratitude, about kindness, about really impacting the world. And she really wants to work on elements of helping people see that they don't need to fit in and how many of us are trying to fit in. So this is absolutely wonderful. Muskan was there ever a time when you were, you know, in the midst of doing this, like creating your book from Your Journal and going on this journey of gratitude. Was there ever a time that you maybe felt some doubt, maybe like, oh, I don't know if I can do this? Like some people feel, 

Muskan Virk:17:45um, well, one of them, the book I was never doubtful about it selling because I didn't really know what that meant because when I was eight, when the book came out, I didn't really know that side of the book and how it got sold. But I did have doubts when I first shared, um, my, um, the, about the book and my message in like in my peer group, um, I felt that they didn't really understand what was behind just those few words on a page. I felt that, um, they didn't really get the message. But then, um, then once, like I talked about it with my mom and family, I realized, and I know this now is that maybe they weren't ready at that moment to hear this. Maybe they weren't ready, but they will some way somewhere down the road. So, and now I have no doubts because I know that people that might my book and my message need to impact it will impact them. But other people that doesn't need to wait. And one day they might be those people who needs to impact. But maybe it wasn't their turn or their time yet. 

Adrian Starks:19:02So this is a key trait here. Everyone that is a successful individual who has got down the secret of success, of understanding that your mission is to stay on your path and to not be concerned with who doesn't want to hear it or who won't get it at the time, but only be concerned with delivering the message, delivering the service and knowing that eventually those who are meant to hear those were meant to understand it. They will come to and Muskan that is so valuable to have and I can see why that you have been so impactful and why people are really just, they're all over this book that you have because I, I really enjoy the fact that you said 365 days of gratitude because, you know, we always heard the word gratitude, but I to say gratitude is the new attitude, but we do, it's, you know, sparingly. 

Adrian Starks:19:48We don't really have ourselves, you know, be conscious of it on a daily basis. And what you are helping us to realize is that gratitude is an activity that we should incorporate into our life. Just like eating right. It should be done daily. Um, like sleeping. It should be done daily and we should be present, aware and grateful for the things and people around us. And so I want to really commend you on the courage that you have had in order to do that. And that's why you're such an amazing person. I have a courageous creator question for you and I call them courageous creator questions because I really feel like it's a big question that only the people that I have on the show can answer because you guys are so wise and you think fast on your feet. Because you have to in order to to create things here in the world. But this is a good question and you don't have to answer it right away, but just got to think about it just for a seconds, not too long, but just for a few seconds. What does your generation need to be more aware of in regards to life? Like what did he need to know about life? 

Muskan Virk:21:01Um, I think what people in my generation need to know is that life is not going to stop moving at the rapid speed. It moves that way every day. But being able to stop and look around you and being able to be grateful when you truly need it most is the most important thing that you can do. Just being able to stay and step back and look from an outside perspective at everyone. Going, I like the speed of light, like being able to see everything and then being able to work on yourself and being able to be grateful for everyone around you at that very moment and for everyone who does things for you and that the things that you have. I think being able to grateful when you need the most is the most important thing that people should know. 

Adrian Starks:21:58And that is a great important thing for people to know, to be grateful for the things you have, be grateful for the people in your life because we do, we live as if we have, you know, I think a great philosopher said this a thousand years to live and we don't, and it's so important for us to really understand that you have to be grateful for every single moment of your life and that's hard to do for a lot of people because they're living in a world, you know that everyone's moving fast. 

Muskan Virk:22:23Yeah. And it is hard for me to, to be able for grateful all the time. I like sometimes when I, when I want something or someone said something mean, I'll just be like, oh, it'd be like Whoa, like, and then, but then I have to realize that like maybe it came from somewhere else and that I have to be grateful for everything that I have. And if I want something that I don't need or don't get like quickly, I should be able to be thankful for the things that I already have that maybe some people don't. And for the people around me that support me every day. 

Adrian Starks:23:03And that is it. And that's why you are a courageous creator. Muskan how can people reach out to you and find out more about you? 

Muskan Virk:23:10Yeah, so my website is muskanvirk.com and my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Adrian Starks:23:18And it is officially said that this is the way to live life. Gratitude is the new attitudes. So for my people listening today, remember what Muskan mentioned earlier, being aware, being in the moment, being in the now. And paying attention to the things that you already have it for. The young people listening, follow Muskan on social media pages. 

Adrian Starks:23:46You guys are already on social media pages. Just follow something constructive and positive. So follow Muskan learn more about the gratitude and work that into your life and to stop trying to fit in, but to be your unique self as Muskan has mentioned. Until then, everyone, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life. This is the purposeful life show and on the champion up podcast with myself Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed our podcast today, don't forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on a powerful life. Changing content on future episodes also make sure to go to champion up.net for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life.
Podcast #4 Transcription - Seeing Your Uniqueness:
Adrian Starks:0:02Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast. This podcast is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning at venture and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I'm happy you're here and if you're new to our show, make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at champion up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It's time to step into your courage and belief the champion in you.
Adrian Starks:0:35Welcome everyone today. My name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the champion up podcast. I am the host and I'm so happy to have you here on this courageous creator day. We do have a very special episode, but before we do that, I want to remind you to make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe to our show and to go and download that champion up app for some amazing, powerful content. Today's topic is about seeing your uniqueness. And I love this tagline by a wonderful person named Loree Cowling that's going to be on our show and give us some tips about how to be that kind of person, understanding yourself, showing up more out here in the environment and what you can do to really see that uniqueness and other people. So we do have Loree on and Loree, can you say hello?
Loree Cowling:1:18Yeah, for sure. Hi. And I'm so grateful to be joining you and your audience today.
Adrian Starks:1:24Well, we're grateful to have you here and we're so happy to be able to learn some great things from you because you know all about seeing your uniqueness. And so a little bit about Loree here. Loree Cowling is a dedicated, loving mom to a beautiful daughter who has chosen to shine her light as a divine soul with down syndrome. Their experiences together inspire Loree to support people, to participate in an impactful conversations that transform how people celebrate themselves and others. She is an international best selling author, speaker, and advocate for inclusion as a natural conversation in all environments. Loree facilitates inspired and engaged connections within core relationships at home, in schools, at the workplace and our broader communities. And this is why I consider Loree a courageous creator who has decided on bringing purpose to her life. Welcome to the show today, Loree.
Loree Cowling:2:16Thank you so much. I'm excited to be in this conversation with you.
Adrian Starks:2:20I'm excited to be in this conversation as well. And for all of you who do not know Loree, she is a great conversationalist and we always talk about certain things and I learned so much from her. So I just knew that Loree had to come on this show because we need to learn how to see that part of ourselves that we're not seeing. Let's be honest. You know, we live in a society where we're being taught to be like other people or we're being told that we can't be ourselves, we can't be different and we can't stand out. We can't, you know, as we say, ruffle any feathers or start any waves. Because if we do that, we may not be likable. I may not be lovable, I may not be acceptable. And that's so not the truth. The truth is, is that when we see that part of ourselves seeing your uniqueness, then that allows us to be more lovable, more acceptable, because people can see us not see what we're trying to convince them of.
Adrian Starks:3:13They see through us. And that's what I love about Loree. She sees you as she always says, I see you. And it's so important for someone to say that. Have you ever had anyone tell you I see you, or have you ever told anyone? I see you , you may be saying wait, that has nothing to do with me. Yes it does. Because if you don't see yourself, you won't see other people and you will not be able to do what you really love to do and create value out here in the world through your businesses, through your personal relationships, whatever it may be for you. So Loree, I would like to know a little bit more about you for our audience, so can you share a little bit about what you do?
Loree Cowling:3:54Oh, absolutely. And first I just want to say how beautiful it is to hear you talk about seeing you and the energy from which you said that was so heart-based. And it feels so good to be able to, to hear that from another soul. And I just want to thank you for sharing that with your audience and with myself today. And you're welcome. You're welcome. That is the foundation of what I do is to create the awareness and the space for other people and myself to learn how to celebrate every single part of who they are, not just the parts that fall into the higher key of what society says is valuable, but to truly understand that who we are as defined beings and just ourselves is perfect. Exactly as we are in every moment that we show up. And I really support people to find that awareness for themselves and then allow that to model out into their families and their communities and their businesses.
Adrian Starks:5:08So beautiful. So you allow them to find that awareness for themselves so we can model that out to their families and communities and businesses. So that is why it's so important what Lori does to help you see that awareness of you. Because we are all at times living through a veil and that has to come off for us to really give ourselves, you know, authentically and honestly to our environments and our communities. Loree, for anyone looking to expand themselves, to show up more out here in the world to be more honest and open or to even create a business by doing what they love. What is the biggest step that you think they need to take first?
Loree Cowling:5:52I, I really think that one of the first steps that we any of take is in finding within ourselves this desire to celebrate who we are and to spend a little time creating the community around you, the people around you that are fired up and excited for you to know who you are and what you're bringing to the world is like laying this foundation for yourself that as you proceed to share your business or your dream or your message or you know, your, your global impact, that you have to have that foundation of celebration. And it's one of the things we all forget to add into our business plans or our goal planning or, or any of those things.
Adrian Starks:6:44I liked that you said that. You said the foundation of, what was that again? The foundation of impact?.
Loree Cowling:6:52Yeah, right. The foundation of the impact that we're creating for ourselves and for our families and for the world starts with celebrating to start to enjoy. It starts enjoy. We, we all create these ideas for our businesses are dreams first in a place of joy, and then we often forget that that needs to remain as part of what we do.
Adrian Starks:7:15Ooh, I love that. It should remain as part of what we do. I'm taking notes by the way. I got to do this. So when we're building businesses, most people, even myself at some point when we're getting really productive and we're excited, we think that the happiness comes after we've succeeded. Right? We, hold everything off. So what you're saying is that no, it starts now. We need to have fun now and have happiness now because that could improve our businesses and relationships.
Loree Cowling:7:47Absolutely. One of the keys that I use in my own personal life and that I show other people how to do is building evidence. And I now have the conscious state where even in this communication, I'm building evidence of the, the joy of what I do and I'm building the evidence that other people are receiving me and that I'm receiving other people because that's, that's my core thing that I desire to experience. So
Loree Cowling:8:19yeah,
Loree Cowling:8:20we need to learn how to build the evidence right now today in what we're doing, that we're succeeding and we're doing amazing and we're doing amazing today. No matter what today looks like,
Adrian Starks:8:35love it. So we're doing amazing today, no matter what today looks like. And so not to live too much in the future, which people will do. And this causes anxiety, right? They're thinking too much down the road as opposed to just being in the moment. Now that's part of seeing our uniqueness, right?
Loree Cowling:8:52For sure. And what happens when we, you know, we hold off the celebration and we hold off seeing who we are until we've accomplished the things that we have decided are important outcomes in our life. Whether it's in your personal life or your business life or your community. What happens when we hold off doing that is we actually start to close down and we start to shrink and we start to get smaller and we start to have doubt and uncertainty because we're never reaching where we're going. Right? Or if you're building that evidence and you're celebrating and you're seeing yourself every day, then actually your outcomes grow. And the impact that you believe you can make actually gets bigger because you're already making impact.
Adrian Starks:9:43So seeing yourself every day and most don't do that. They just get up in the morning and you know, throw the clothes on, do their autopilot morning routine. And they don't even stop to look at themselves in a mirror. I mean, and they just take off, right? Go to work and have their day. So what step could they take like to see themselves? Would that be like looking in the mirror or just taking a deep breath or
Loree Cowling:10:03what would that look like? Absolutely. You know, the very first place we start seeing ourselves is in the mirror. One of the tools, like one of the gifts that I, I always say to people is before you go to sleep tonight, just tonight, write down on a piece of paper something about yourself that you've always wanted to celebrate that you've never been allowed. You know, you might be really great at, you know, my mom, she reads like five novels at a time. Uh, she was always told that reading is great but that she shouldn't let it take over her life. So, you know, when we started having this conversation, she wrote down, I celebrate that I can be involved in so many stories at one time. So I encourage everybody to, before you go to bed on a piece of paper, write down something you want to celebrate about yourself. And when you wake up, hold that between your hands and love up that idea of you being perfect exactly as you are. And then what will happen is throughout the day you'll notice those places and you'll start to celebrate that part of yourself.
Adrian Starks:11:17I love that. Celebrate that part of yourself. So the night before you write down something you want to celebrate and then you wake up the next day and you think about that. Okay, that is important for me to know and for everyone else to know because it is so misunderstood about the value of self because many people will think, well, if I think about myself, is that being selfish or I got to think about other people first. You know, they come first, I come second. That's kind of how we've been conditioned to think. And I find this is part of the problem with people when they're wondering why they feel hollow inside, why they feel like there's no one giving them what they want. Whereas reality is they should be doing that themselves by celebrating themselves. And I just love the fact that you said that. What inspired you to do this kind of work?
Loree Cowling:12:07I am beyond grateful and inspired every day by my daughter. So Sydney was born 21 years ago with down syndrome and she every day shows up in this place of pure joy. And she has shown me that it's okay to be who you are exactly as you are. You know, one of the things she's fit like amazing at is she going be really mad at me and still love me and she doesn't need to define, um, she doesn't need to define her choice of I dislike you in this moment as being you're not a good person. So she kind of inspired me to go out and see other people exactly as they are. And when you do that, it creates this ripple. And when you stand in this place of loving yourself, it allows other people to love themselves. And it's just really that, that she's shown me how to do and you know, she is impacting the world by telling people exactly as you are is beautiful.
Adrian Starks:13:25Exactly as you are, as beautiful. And that is so necessary, especially in the younger generation today that finds themselves comparing and competing so much for attention, for validation. So you have designed this amazing business. See Uniqueness, which I love it by the way. I love the name of it. Absolutely fantastic name. And how do you spell that? Because you spell it in a very unique way.
Loree Cowling:13:52I do. So um, see is s e e and uniqueness. And we always capitalize. See, and you, and the reason why is because I see, I see you and even when you've read that you've, you feel like somebody sees me and you know, I teach this with our supporters and we have used at baths. Basadur said help us. And um, anybody that's working with me, I teach them that for 10 seconds. When you meet somebody to just take a breath and think, I wish to see you, I wish to see you. And it, when you do that and you see somebody, they feel it and it then allows them to receive you different and you receive them different instead of that defensive place of, you know, saying, how are you today or what are you doing today? You know, that always puts people in a place of having to defend their aids.
Adrian Starks:14:53I, you know, if that is such an amazing point. So when we ask how that puts them into a defensive won't versus when we say I see you. Okay. All right. So that's something we can change. We can change how we approach, so we, okay. Yeah, absolutely. That sounds all right. See, this is why I just love having people such as yourself on this show because it is all about how we're impacting the world in a very powerful way. So how can our audience here today get in touch with you and to learn more about this powerful, magnificent movement and company you have going on? What's the uniqueness?
Loree Cowling:15:30Okay,
Loree Cowling:15:31so right now the two ways that we're, um, really wanting people to start accessing is, the first one is our you tube channel, which is see uniqueness. And we launched a movement last year, which I'm calling Sydney's million, that's my daughter's name. And we are in biting a million people to celebrate and share their uniqueness. So we have a video on the youtube page and if, you know, people can go and check that out and share it in like it. And, um, you know, be a part of our million that would be amazing. And the other way is we have a Facebook group right now called see uniqueness and this is where we're, you know, sharing some of our content and some of the ways that you can impact your life and other people's lives and as well we are about to launch our app.
Adrian Starks:16:21Oh my app. You guys have an APP coming out? We should do, okay. So in this APP is it for free download?
Adrian Starks:16:31Okay.
Loree Cowling:16:32It is a free download and it's going to be filled with um, content and we're going to have places where you can see some of the, uniquenesses other people are sharing and there's going to be a page of learning how to celebrate you.
Adrian Starks:16:45I love it. I'm going to get that APP because I need to start learning how to see my uniqueness more. Even me. Yes, me, Adrian, I have to start learning to look at me more. And this is absolutely wonderful Loree. And that's why you are a courageous creator on the purposeful life show. There is one question that I will ask you before we end today and it's a courageous creator question.
Loree Cowling:17:06Yeah.
Adrian Starks:17:07Back. Sure. Ready to hear it. What does the world need more of?
Loree Cowling:17:15Yeah.
Adrian Starks:17:17I really in all of my heart believe that the world is in this position right now to choose an awareness of love over an awareness of fear and what we need to do that is to see ourselves with this sense of knowing that you are beautiful, define magnificent being already and then to choose with curiosity and excitement to start to see the people around you with this same sort of belief, to look at difference as a powerful way to be curious and know other people instead of a way to create wrongness and fear.
Adrian Starks:18:07Beautifully said, very powerful and that's why I asked you that question, which is a courageous creator question and I want to thank you so much Loree, for being on our show today because this is absolutely wonderful for us to learn how to see our uniqueness and everyone is listening. Make sure you go to the youtube page of SEE uniqueness. Subscribe like the page. Share it as much as you can possibly spread the word. Go to the Facebook page, see uniqueness, like subscribe, share as much as possible and be on the lookout for this powerful, see uniqueness app. Because I'm going to get it and if I'm going to get it, you better get it because it is the thing to get to see that part of yourself. And Loree, is there any thing you want to say to our audience today before we're done with our show? Any, just one word of advice for them.
Loree Cowling:19:02Okay.
Loree Cowling:19:02Yeah, for sure. Um, you know, something that I've really, really know and I have noticed is that oftentimes we want the transformation of our mindset and our outward experience to happen instantaneously. And you know, we believe that we can create it through sheer willpower and force, but transformation is a beautiful unfolding that happens over time and to really allow your, your willpower to be more about the power, to feel the strength and vulnerability to stand as you transform. And you know, just to be kind and gentle with yourself,
Adrian Starks:19:49being kind and gentle with yourself. That is the topic for this week for everyone. The lesson is to be kind and gentle with yourself. Don't get too frustrated. Don't get angry, don't get impatient. Be Kind and gentle. So Loree, thank you so much for this wonderful, magnificent time on our show and I'm so happy that you were able to join us today and everyone on this show. Thank you for joining. Again, make sure to give us a five star rating, subscribe to our show, and also download that champion up app for more amazing content. Until then, I encourage you to be that courageous creator in your life.
Adrian Starks:20:26This is the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast with myself, Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed our podcast today, don't forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion up.net for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life.
Podcast #1 Transcription - The Champion Up Story:
Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast. This podcast is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning and adventure and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I'm happy you're here and if you're new to our show, make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Also, connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at champion up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It's time to step into your courage and belief, the champion in you. Hi. Welcome to the first episode of the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. My name is Adrian Starks and I am the founder and CEO of champion up. I'm also a motivational speaker, a life coach, and an author and I'm so excited to be sharing this personal journey with you here today. Before we share that personal journey, let's talk about our mission here with champion up podcast and the purposeful life show. Our mission is to help individuals across the planet who have lost their meaning direction in life, to rediscover happiness and fulfillment by choosing and creating a life, to live on purpose and with a purpose. And you can certainly do that. And that is why we're here today on this show. I'm going to be bringing on what I call courageous creators. People in life who have decided to go with an idea, a vision, and a dream, and they worked on it so hard, that they brought it to a reality for themselves and to also have it be a reality for other people out here and to make the world a better place. Because I truly believe that we have a sacred birth right to be on this planet. And that is to plant our feet into something very powerful that is meaningful to us and to express it. But a lot of individuals will probably think, well, that's great Adrian, but you know, my idea, my vision, my dream is not important. It's not meaningful. And I certainly can't make any money doing that. And I'm here to tell you that yes you can. I am living proof that your idea is meaningful, that your idea is important, that it can make a living or you can earn a living doing it. You know, in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, you know, great motivational, spiritual coach and teacher, he said this, he said that there's no scarcity of opportunity of making a living at doing what you love. 
There's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen. And this show is about giving you the resolve to make that idea, that opportunity happen for you. And because I really believe that when you have that one idea, it can completely revolutionize your life as it did for me because I wasn't always this way. You know, four years ago I was in a state of despair. I was in a state of depression. I was in a state of fear. I went through an unexpected divorce. It brought me to my knees. You know, it was so bad that I thought about suicide and something happened in that moment where I decided not to take my life, but give my life to something. I go more into detail about this significant story on my free Webinar that I have on my website championup.net and if you watch the Webinar all the way through: it's called how to finally create fulfillment and purpose in your life with just three easy steps.
If you stay to the very end, there's a very special gift for you as well. But in this Webinar I share my story and the steps I took. But when I had that idea, that breakthrough things opened up for me and I began to offer myself to the world and the idea began to develop. It began to get bigger. And this is why there's a podcast today. This is why there's a champion up APP. This is why there's so many powerful things coming your way and so many people on this show, they will be sharing their message all because I decided to give my life to something and to move on an idea, move on a dream, move on a vision that no one else thought was possible except for me. And there was some people in my life that supported me. You know, some family and some friends.
But reality is, is that a lot of times when we're going for something in life, we don't always have every support that we think we're going to have. And that's okay. It's nothing wrong with that. But what's important is that we have the resources to continue on with that vision and that dream, that idea that we have. And so when I had these resources, I began to continue to grow this movement of champion up. And this is why the podcast is here because I really want to make sure that you have everything you need to create that meaning and purpose in your life. And I want the people on the show, to show you that it doesn't matter what age you are, it doesn't matter where you're from, doesn't matter of your color, doesn't matter of your gender, it doesn't matter what has happened to you, what truly matters is what you're willing to do right now with your life.
And what ideas are you willing to move on to create that value, fulfillment and achievement in your life. And also another mission that I have with this show and champion up is to completely eradicate suicide off of the face of the earth. And yes, I am so adamant about that. People think I'm crazy and that's all right. But, did you know that it happens to be the second leading cause of death from the ages of 15 to 29 we're losing our future champions and if we decide to start being our own champions in our life and to become more meaningful, more purposeful, more happy by really taking on our ideas, we can help them do the same. So I'm going to need your help to spread this message of courage to everyone across the planet because I want to touch all seven continents.
I want to touch every mind, every heart, every spirit, to get them to champion up in their lives and to live a life of meaning and purpose. And we're going to do just that on the show by bringing on some spectacular people who have done the most amazing things. And they started from step one as we all do. And you may say, well Adrian, that's great, but what does champion have to do with me? And I'm glad you're thinking that because champion is not a word for only the athlete or the competitive people. It's not, it's a word for the human being because it goes way back to the 13th century. And champion is a person who's a human being. They have an idea, they have a vision, they have a dream, they have something in life they're trying to do, achieve and they're willing to go through all obstacles, all challenges to see that become a production.
And that is why I'm here as my own champion with this show with champion up podcasts. And that's why you're here to learn more about how can I do the same and my life? Because you have that personal sacred birth right to do just that. And we need more champions out here in the world. We need people to show up. We need people to create, we need less complaining, we need more doers. We need less people standing still. We need more people taking action. And that's why I am saying that it is up to us to create that meaning and purpose in our life. And that is how I came to be who I am today and how I was able to remove myself from that stuck position in life, that uncertain position life and remove myself from that challenge and become so much better and to experience so much more.
And I want you to do the same. I want you to give us a five star rating on the show and to also subscribe so you don't miss out on future content because it's going to be so powerful for you. Go to our social media pages of Instagram and Facebook and type in champion up and follow us there and also go to champion up.net and watch that short webinar that I told you about so that you can get some more ideas of how to start this personal journey of your own. But in the mean time, I'm so happy to have you here and I'm excited for you to hear from these courageous creators who are going to be showing you the steps and tools and all the ideas that you need to have that breakthrough. It is time for you to champion up to your life and to believe that champion in you.
This is the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast with myself, Adrian Starks, and thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed our podcast today, don't forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion up.net for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life.
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