Products I Recommend

Books I Love

These are all books that I recommend. I have always had such a profound love of books, and they have truly shaped me into the person that I’ve become. I hope you enjoy the books that I’ve posted below, and know that these will have an impact on you too.

Podcast Equipment You’ll Need

When starting out, my biggest recommendation is to get a good microphone. Personally, I like the Snowball and the Yeti, but there are so many to choose from. Of course, you can add more to your setup to make it as effective as possible, but these items will be a good starting point. Podcasting doesn’t have to be expensive!

Health and Wellness

For years I have been a champion for taking care of the body. It is the vehicle we use to carry us along our success journey because it is a journey. There is a saying that our health is our greatest wealth and I believe that. When we feel good about ourselves we perform well.