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Speaker Adrian Starks brought such amazing energy to the Hilbert College campus that afternoon. Hilbert students came with the uncertainty of what a motivational speaker might require and left with the feeling of new direction and self-awareness for themselves. The smile he brought to their faces was priceless. As a speaker, Mr. Starks was prepared with a visual PowerPoint to accommodate all types of learning styles. His voice was soothing and entertaining to keep the audience’s attention. Adrian spoke from the heart and shred his personal journey on how he became his own champion. The stories he shared were ones any person could relate to. This was evident as the students felt his passion and responded to his questions with empathetic feelings. 

The speaking engagement was a topic that all persons could relate to and leave with feelings of self-awareness, confidence that they matter in life, ways to look at overcoming one’s own obstacles, and improving behavior to aim at their own growth and development. This wonderful experience left our audience with a gratefulness for our world and a readiness to start one’s own journey of hope.

I would recommend any college, school, agency or community take advantage of Adrian Starks “Champion Up®” speaking engagement to enhance their own personal journey of hope and encouragement, bring about change in our challenging world of trying times and advocate for those who are in struggles looking for a CHAMP to cheer them on!

Colleen Kumiega

M.S, Associate Professor in Human Services
Advisor of Human Services Associations Hilbert College
You can’t help but already be inspired by the contagious energy of Adrian Starks.
I attended “The Champion Within” tour in Buffalo, NY and as I thought it was going to be another typical motivational lecture filled with the usual cliches and story about someone who overcame a hardship, etc. etc. Adrian shared his story about his uncle who use to refer to him as “Champ” and then later how his brother referred to him as “Champ”, a lightbulb went off in my head!
It resonated with me that perhaps something as trivial as a childhood nickname shapes us into who we are inside or who we should strive to be.
After the lecture I met an older man who is autistic. He thanked me making room for him at my table and making him feel welcome. As we were talking more about Adrian’s message, the man said to me “thanks for making me smile”.
I told him he has a beautiful smile and thank you for sharing it with me.
He laughed and told me that when he was growing up his nickname was “smiley”.
I then thought about my childhood nickname and how it was created.
My Father would call me his little Coo Bear. Being so little I was just starting to talk and I blended it all together and it came out as Koo Per which then transformed into Kooper.
As I got older it was shortened to Koop and later added on to deem me the title, “Koop The Genius” because my father “liked the way I think”.
My sister and kids in the neighborhood would play this imaginary game and I always was the one to “solve” the hijinks we would get into. They’d then say, “Leave it to Koop the Genius”.
Just as Adrian’s family saw from such a young age that he already bestows what it is to be a champ and a champion helps others realize how to rise up and BE their own champion within.
Thank you, Adrian for the revelation of what has been buried deep within me that I had forgotten. More importantly, thank you for awakening me to take action in being an active participant in my life which made me make a plan to take steps towards achieving the life I want to live.
I highly recommend Adrian Starks for events, lectures, organizations, or anything we inspiration needs to be fanned.
Adrian is relatable and having him share his journey reminded me that we are not alone.
We all have hardships, shortcomings, trauma, grief – that’s part of life.
Grieving the loss of my Father crushed me. I completely gave up on everything.
I knew it was up to me to change that but I had been stuck for so long that I didn’t even know how to get up to even take that first step in change.

Your talk, Adrian, awakened me and I’m holding myself accountable that it IS time for me to be my own Champion and reunite me with my Koop The Genius.

Kelly Wahl  


I was introduced to Adrian Starks in the spring of 2017, and almost instantaneously, I knew he had something special inside, a bright light and a fire within. He was placed here to speak his truth, share his message, and be of service to the world by inspiring people to Champion UP®. To remember the gifts, skills, and talents that we all came here with. From there, a wonderful friendship and brotherhood came to life. I was able to truly see, hear, and feel just how important his message and his life’s purpose were. We were divinely led in our connection to be of service together to those in need in the Buffalo and Western New York area, sharing the Champion UP® message to the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ in early 2018.

As Adrian’s official publicist, his integrity, professionalism, belief, and understanding in our working relationship and for others he encountered along the way leading into and during his time here, through this collaboration, was clearly evident. Adrian made a lasting impact, not only through his words, but more importantly through his heart and through his actions. Through the excitement, passion, and zest that he expressed, he made an indelible imprint on everyone he came into contact with. Energy shifted.

Lives were transformed. And a city and its people were changed forever. The best is yet to come, not only for himself, but for those he is blessed and honored to be of service to. I wholeheartedly recommend a working dynamic and a professional relationship with Adrian Starks. Whether it be speaking in front of children, inspiring the lives of high school students, enriching the minds and hearts of college students, or empowering entrepreneurs or business leaders, he will deliver a high-quality performance that flows from his soul. You will receive an experience of authenticity and clarity, which will help you to spring forward in the next steps of your life’s purpose, while also allowing you to have more love in your heart and be of greater service to those you care about. Adrian Starks: A man, a mirror, who is here to walk each of us home by reminding us to remember the champion within and to not die with our music still inside of us.”

John Masiulionis

President of Empowered Publicity

Adrian Starks has a true gift of motivating, and inspiring people to take action and live their best lives! I have been very fortunate to experience both working with Adrian and watching him Speak. His ability to be vulnerable and connect with his audience on an emotional level creates a feeling of trust and possibility. Adrian also provides his audience with great tools to take action and bring their dreams and goals into reality. He teaches you how to get in touch with your own inner champion, and push through any fears that are getting in your way. Adrian has an amazing energy that motivates everyone to stop wasting time and start living the life that you deserve.

I have had the privilege of working with Adrian Starks, developing and creating a number of projects. Adrian always brings a positive attitude and is very open to different ideas and feedback. He is extremely accountable and his high level of commitment brings an exciting energy to the team. Adrian is a pleasure to work with.

Michelle Falcone
Transformational Leader

I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian through several business endeavors. He is an outstanding motivational speaker, trainer and writer. He did a presentation for one of my group coaching sessions and the participants requested that he be brought back for an additional session, that is how well done it was. Adrian is also a co-author in our soon to be released anthology. I would highly recommend Adrian as a speaker and presenter for your trainings or conferences.

Teresa L. Holmes
Executive Director, Built to Bounce Back & Igniting Passions Globally Movements

I have known Adrian for a number of years, first as a personal trainer at the Pro-Robics Gym in my Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle a few years ago and most recently as a “Life Coach” to help me through a professional and personal transition. I have always been drawn to his broad and enlightened perspective on life which has been an inspiration and served to motivate me through my transitions. He is a great listener and his coaching and word have added great value to me during this time and am confident that I will make it through my transition and realize my potential in my “new life chapter” with his guidance and help. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance and direction on how to develop a plan that will place them into a winning position to overcome their obstacle. He truly helps me and others find the Champion within.

David Della
Experienced Government and Community Relations Professional in the Public, Private, and Non-Profit Sectors.