Would you believe it – growing up, I was also called the Entertainer?

So, you’ve read my story about working in a call center for 8 years … I’m sure you could imagine my breaking point. No one could imagine the amount of anxiety that built up over time. It was time to go and I couldn’t go until I decided what I really wanted to do with my life. What did I really love to do? Speaking and inspiring.  Of course, I didn’t make money doing what I love right away. The important point here is to start doing what you love to do right now wherever you are even if it’s in small steps. If you are serious about it and you’re consistent with it and build your skill set enough, the world will pay you for it. It was the philosopher Ralph Emerson that said, “ No matter how far you are in the woods of anywhere, if you’re great at what you do, the world will beat a path to your door”.  It was Wayne Dyer who said, “there is no scarcity of opportunity of making a living of doing what you love. There’s only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” Think about the last part, “scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”

This is where many people get stuck and don’t do what they love to do. They are never thinking of a resolve to make what they want to happen. The resolve for you today, this week and this month is to start finding out what you love to do. If there’s something that you could do, and time passes by without you noticing it, that activity is in alignment with what you love to do.

If it is something that you can do without getting paid for it right away and you’re still happy to do it, that is something you love to do.

Find out what you love to do and start doing it, wherever you are.

The key with advancing in life is to advance where you are. You don’t advance when you leave something, you advance right there by taking steps forward to advance beyond it. That’s how I got out of that call center. Remember the exit strategy I mentioned earlier. This is why I speak on stages, in business boardrooms and my podcast. It’s why I’m coaching clients to do what they love more. It didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of patience, a lot of active patience. This means that I was acting on my vision while still being patient to allow things to naturally take their course.  This step is critical as you start doing what you love because you’ll find that it’ll give you more energy and add to your happiness. You’ll start to have better relationships because you will communicate with people better because you’re operating from a sense of gratitude.

This is one of the keys to building a balanced life, doing what you love to do. Have you ever wondered why there’s some people that seem to be very successful in the public eye, but they have miserable personal lives? They’re either on drugs, have tarnished relationships or their abusive in some way to themselves or others emotionally, physically and mentally. Have you seen people like that? Do you know people like this who are not operating from their heart and truly doing what they love?

Start discovering what you love to do and find out more ways of doing that. I guarantee you that you’ll find ways to become happier. You’ll find ways to be more creative. You’ll find ways to have better relationships.

  • Doing what you love to do is not impossible.

  • It is finding out what you love to do that requires your full attention.

  • Taking the time to have self -reflection is necessary.

  • Ask yourself the question of what matters to you most.

When I asked myself that question, I started finding a way to get out of the call center. I started finding a way to go to the events, seminars and workshops. I would drive hours from Seattle to Vancouver, BC, just to learn.  I would drive back the same day and I would do it again each month to the point where people began to recognize me. When people see your passion of doing what you love to do, they’ll want to help you do more of that. As you do it more often you will start to build a skill set and then you can start to look at ways of turning this into a career for yourself.

Start doing what you love to do no matter where you are and how small your steps maybe.

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