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Whoever said that following your dreams would be easy! Hey it has taken me 4 years to get to mine and I still have further to go!
Did I take some risks along the way? Oh yeah! Did I get scared along the way? Oh yeah! Did I face setbacks along the way? Of course! Achieving your dream is never easy!The difference between you and someone who rolls from one accomplishment to the next is called “active patience”.

Yes I am creating some new phrases. That’s what Champion Up is all about. Creating change outside of the box of mediocrity. We push beyond our self imposed limitations. So let’s get back to “active patience”. It means that you are patient with delays, detours or even stops. But you never turn your engine off. Catch my drift!! You stay active in the drivers seat of your life and you keep “growing forward” even in the midst of challenges. This is how a Dream is achieved.

I am going to challenge your thinking. Not everyone deserves to have their dream. Why? They have to earn it through action, action and action! They can’t sleep on it. This type of dream needs one to be awake and alert. Some people may try to persuade you to be fearful about life, taking risks and of course going after a dream. Careful now. These are some of the closest people to you. Ignore their fears!! Each human has a brain of their own. Don’t waste yours letting others think for you! Do not be afraid of your dream even if someone else is afraid of theirs. It’s time to Champion Up to your dream and CHANGE it into a reality!