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Rise and Shine! How many of us have heard this phrase from our parents when we were in our younger years? But oh how we have spent our growing years forgetting it. Now we just rise and hide. Hiding in the shadows of our fears. This is a shame and should be considered a crime to our human dignity.

We avoid taking risks, we avoid speaking our minds, we avoid showing our vulnerability, we avoid showing a love or passion for something and we avoid being seen as a person who doesn‘t know everything.

This is called hiding! You may rise but the shine is absent. Champion Up to rise to get your shine on! Don’t be afraid of you, the light you bring. Plato said that “we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark but the real tragedy of life is when men or women are afraid of the light”. Don’t be afraid. .

Rise and let your DNA shine. Destiny Needs Acceptance. You can create your own destiny if you are willing to rise to the occasion daily and accept the responsibility of CHANGE. Champion Up!